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Welcome to Anpotan!

Here at Anpo Natural Tannery Bison Ranch we operate with a traditional style with respect to our animals, land and products. We raise our bison on our vast area of grasslands and have them grow up feeding on fresh healthy grass and just the right amounts of minerals.

We take pride in preserving our land for sustainable management and development for our bison for many years to come. We offer many different healthy, Natural grown bison products for health cautious people.

We also produce old time native tanned hides. They are tanned the old way. Each hide is also washed with natural soap. Each item and hide we produce is done by hand. Absolutely no machines or chemicals are used in the process. Any bullet holes and knife cuts are sewn with bison, deer, or elk sinew. All our hides are smoked, unless they are to be used as wedding dresses, as coats, or as shirts.

Our family specializes in the Native peoples' ancient art of quillwork & beadwork. We have 25 years of experience in making these beautiful old time, museum quality products from the buffalo days.


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